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Faculty Development

Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence Faculty Enrichment Course Offerings

Below you will find links to the current  Magna Faculty Enrichment Course Offerings that are sponsored by Academic Affairs.  In addition, you will also find a link for edX courses provided to PBSC faculty, thanks to the generous support from the PBSC Foundation. Please review both the Summer Enrichment Courses from Magna and the offerings from Note: edX courses are limited to $150 per faculty member, but you will find a very large selection under that amount.

Once you make a selection, please email the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence at to receive a code for registration.

Magna Summer Enrichment Courses Course Offerings



For edX courses, it would be recommended that you create an account at and add the courses that you are interested in  to your dashboard. This will give you a chance to see the courses in more detail for the initial 7 day period (free), and possibly to review the first module. Once you identify the course that you would like to continue with the verified certificate option, please contact CTLE for your complementary registration code.


Here is a list of sample courses from edX. Feel free to browse the rest of the catalog as well, to a see a wider selection of courses. Even though some courses appear to have already started, many of them are self-paced, and you would still be able to enroll in those courses.