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Faculty Development: Teaching and Learning Resources: Manage

Faculty Development

Pillars of Instructional Excellence: Manage

Employ methods and manage resources that create a positive learning environment to effectively promote opportunities for student success.

Evidence of Learning: ESSENTIALS

A. Assess, revise, implement, and/or maintain the necessary methods to create a positive learning Environment.

M.1.1. Create and nurture an atmosphere of mutual respect.

M.1.2. Practice appropriate responses to resolve disruptions, conflict, and crises.

M.1.3. Facilitate effective and inclusive class discussion.

B. Assess, revise, implement, and maintain administrative and policy responsibilities.

M.1.4. Employ effective time-management skills.

M.1.5. Employ student services and discipline-specific resources.

M.1.6. Use the College LMS effectively for attendance and gradebook.

M.1.7. Role-model professionalism.
M.1.8. Craft, implement, analyze, and revise classroom policies and expectations.

Evidence of Learning: ADVANCED MASTERY

A. Assess, revise, implement, and maintain the means necessary to create a positive learning environment.

M.2.1. Use, encourage, and model social-emotional skills.

M.2.2. Understand group dynamics and adjust learning strategies to individual classes.