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Faculty Development: Teaching and Learning Resources: Assess

Faculty Development

Pillars of Instructional Excellence: Assess

Create and employ a variety of effective lessons and assessments that accurately measure and promote student learning and continuous improvement at both the classroom and institutional level.

Evidence of Learning: ESSENTIALS

A.1.1. Construct, implement, evaluate, and revise effective assessments, that are both formative and summative assessments.

A.1.2. Provide meaningful/useful feedback for students.

A.1.3. Create or align lessons and assessments with course learning outcomes.

A.1.4. Use assessment data as well as aggregate data for self-reflection and improving instruction.

Evidence of Learning: ADVANCED MASTERY

A.2.1. Apply assessment concepts (validity, bias, reliability, etc.) in designing assessments.

A.2.2. Employ a variety of assessment techniques to ensure positive equity outcomes among student populations.