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Faculty Development: Teaching and Learning Resources: Thrive

Faculty Development

Pillars of Instructional Excellence: Thrive

(Note: this item may be included on appraisal for reflection and discussion, but it will not be evaluated)

Embody positive mental, emotional, physical, and interpersonal lives in their work and in the culture of the College by employing strategies to promote well-being for themselves and others.

Evidence of Learning: ESSENTIALS

T.1.1. Plan for, maintain, and self-assess a work/life balance.

T.1.2. Plan for, maintain, and self-assess a curricular and extra-curricular balance.

T.1.3. Engage in practices that illustrate a commitment to self-improvement, including regular self-assessment and reflection upon the results.

T.1.4. Inspire students with passion, heart, and enthusiasm.

Evidence of Learning: ADVANCED MASTERY

T.2.1. Articulate the concept of emotional intelligence and use it in self-improvement.

T.2.2. Learn from and mentor other faculty.

T.2.3. Participate in leadership opportunities and reflect upon their impact.

T.2.4. Exercise creativity in learning about and applying new approaches to teaching.