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Faculty Development: Teaching and Learning Resources: Engage

Faculty Development

Pillars of Instructional Excellence: Engage

Apply contemporary, evidence-based teaching practices that maximize student learning.

Evidence of Learning: ESSENTIALS

A. Classroom Participation/Collaboration

E.1.1 Employ active-learning strategies.

B. Technology

E.1.2. Encourage and teach students how to use course-specific technology.

C. Interpersonal Skills Building

E.1.3. Develop relationships and/or rapport with students that encourage empathy, praise, and mentorship and enable others to act accordingly.

D. Thinking Skills

E.1.4. Design lessons that promote critical thinking.

E.1.5. Understand and practice methods for addressing (and not avoiding) controversial and sensitive topics in a constructive and collegial manner.

Evidence of Learning: ADVANCED MASTERY

A. Classroom Participation/Collaboration

E.2.1. Use collaborative/group learning effectively.

B. Technology

E.2.2. Know and apply current and emerging techniques for online, hybrid, component, and/or face-to-face teaching.

C. Thinking Skills

E.2.3. Understand and apply teaching concepts, such as student-centered, socio-emotional, service, real-world, mastery-based, interdisciplinary, and life-long learning.

E.2.4. Design lessons that employ learning theories, meta-learning, and information processing.

E.2.5. Design opportunities for cross-disciplinary engagement with colleagues.