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Critical Nursing Resources: Medical Images

Information resources selected by nursing faculty and librarians to support the nursing curriculum.

Parasite Image Library

Figure A: Encysted larvae of <em>Trichinella</em> sp. in muscle tissue, stained with hematoxylin and eosin (H&E). The image magnification is 200x.

Trichinella spiralis larvae in muscle tissue

Parasites A-Z Index (CDC)

Public Health Image Library

Open Access Biomedical Image Search Engine

Subsystems within the default mode network are differentially affected in Alzheimer’s disease. Jones et al. present an in-depth analysis of changes within these subsystems and relate them to biomarker profiles across the Alzheimer’s disease spectrum. Results support a cascading network failure model of Alzheimer’s disease.

Cascading network failure across the Alzheimer's disease spectrum.

Open Access Biomedical Image Search Engine

Medical Images Guide (Duke University)

Dissection of head and neck, cranial, spinal and sympathetic nerves, Anatomia Collection, University of Toronto Library  

Medical Images Guide (Duke University)

Images from the History of Medicine

[Operation to remove cataracts]

Operation to Remove Cataracts, George Bartisch, 1583.

Images from the History of Medicine (National Library of Medicine)