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career center


The career center's vision is to empower the students of Palm Beach State College, help them achieve their aspirations. The career center office offers a variety of services that aid student upon completing their degree and pursuing a career.  Counselors in the career center can help you choose a major and/or career whether you have not a single clue of where you're headed or already leaning toward a certain occupation. They provide self-assessment tools to examine your values, personality, interest, and ability in finding a suitable major and/or career. Counselors offer resources that you can use to gather information about a job description, that career requirement, and outlook. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet one-on-one with advisors to help you seek the major that fits your passion. The career center plays a vital role at Palm Beach State, especially for students who are not yet certain of which academic path they want to follow.


Palm Beach State College offers free, no cost involved, undecided workshops. However, advanced registration is required

(no walk-in). It only takes a few minutes to register.



what is a META major?

My META major is Business. I am an undecided business major. I want to major in business but I'm not sure which field I should major in.

META major

Upon entering college, if you do have an​ idea of what you'll want to do in the future but can't pin down what it is exactly, you can choose a meta major. Meta majors cluster groups of majors that fit within a career area. There are 8 meta majors: art, humanity, communication and design; business; education; health sciences; industry, manufacturing & construction; public safety; science, technology, engineering and Mathematics; social and behavioral science and human services. For example, a student that want to work in the medical field, but is not entirely sure whether she wants to be a nurse, a pharmacist, or a surgeon would select the health sciences meta-major academic pathway.