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Undecided College Students

Welcome to a guide for undecided majors from an 'undecided' student. Please don't assume that after viewing this guide, you'll suddenly be able to pick your dream major. If that was the case, I wouldn't be undecided.  However, after you have muddledthrough (although I would prefer you take this as serious as possible)  this entire guide, I hope you feel a bit closer to a decided major compared to before.


What's your major

What's your major?

If I had a nickel or dime, preferably a dime,  for every time I've heard that question( and asked that question), I'd be a millionaire. Buy me an Orchard.

"What 's your major" is a qualified conversational starter. It is used throughout your college years and the years after your college years. It is the conversational starter to the greatest people and friends you'll ever meet. It is definitely the best pickup line amongst college students. It is the ULTIMATE question which we must all answer. To students who are able of answering that question without doubt nor worry. Congratulations! To others who are not yet capable, you're not alone. ‚Äč 

This is a...

Deverly Volmar

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About this Guide

This guide was created by Deverly Volmar, who was working as a student assistant in the library at the Belle Glade campus.  Since writing this guide Deverly has graduated with her Associate's Degree at Palm Beach State College, and is continuing her education.  The idea of this guide was to help other students who might be undecided with their majors.