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PC Related How-Tos: Microsoft Word

Commonly asked questions about the computer and how to use it.

 How to edit/add headers and footers

  1. Click on “Insert” tab
  2. Select “Header" or “Footer” in Header & Footer box
  3. Insert text

        *Go to options box and select “Different First Page” if you need a different header for the first page (for example, "Running Head: Example Header")

How to find word count

  1. Click on “Review” tab
  2. Click on “Word Count” (located in the proofing box at the top left of the page)
    1. If looking for the word count of a specific section, highlight those words first and then follow steps


  • To include picture of word count box
    1. Press “Alt+PrtScn” on keyboard

How to add a page number

  1. Click on “Insert” tab
  2. Select “Page Number” in the Header & Footer box
  3. Choose location for page number