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PC Related How-Tos: General Computer Topics

Commonly asked questions about the computer and how to use it.

Email a Document

How to email yourself a document (email linked to pc & online):

  1. Open your preferred email service
  2. Click on “Compose” or “New Item” to compose a new message
  3. Press “Attachment” or “Attach File” (look for the image of a paperclip)
    1. Find file and select   

Extra Information

How to convert .page to a workable file (when converting does and doesn’t work):

  1. File > Export to PDF or Word; or Press Share button and Send a copy via pdf or word (txt can be used if the other two aren’t working, but formatting will be necessary)
  2. Transfer to GoogleDoc or email to yourself 

How to open a flash drive if it doesn’t initially appear:

  1. Press “Start Menu” (Windows Icon)
  2. Press “Computer”
  3. The device will appear under “Devices with Removable Storage”
    1. Select your device and open file

For whole screen:

  1. Click on the window you would like to capture.
  2. Press "PrtScn" (Print Screen)

*The Print Screen key is near the upper-right corner of your keyboard. (Depending on the type of keyboard you have, the exact key names on your keyboard may vary slightly.)

  1. Press "Ctrl+V" to paste, or right click and select Paste 

For selected/specific window:

  1. Press “Alt+PrtScn”
  2. Press "Ctrl+V" to paste, or right click and select Paste 

**The Snipping Tool application is also available for precision screenshots (access through Default Apps or search in Windows Search box)

How to attach an assignment to blackboard:

  1. Click on assignment
  2. Press "Attach File" or the image of a paperclip
  3. Upload file 


How to Print

  1. Press “Ctrl+P” on keyboard to open print options
  2. Select appropriate printing options, if necessary
    1. LW-LL-B&W; LW-LL-Color-Lanier 
    2. Make sure the paper size is letter (legal will not print)
  3. Press print
  4. You will be prompted for a username and password
    1. Enter any recognizable username and memorable password (twice)
  5. Locate printer and swipe (loaded) panthercard on keyboard
  6. Select your print job/username and enter password to print

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