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AI: Artificial Intelligence, Generative AI, and ChatGPT (Library Resources)

ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education: Quick Start Guide (UNESCO IESALC)

Sabzalieva, Emma, and Ariana Valentini. ChatGPT and Artifical Intelligence in Higher Education: Quick Start Guide. Report no.        ED/HE/IESALC/IP/2023/12, UNESCO IESALC, 2023. UNESCO IESALC,
ChatGPT-and-Artificial-Intelligence-in-higher-education-Quick-Start-guide_EN_FINAL.pdf. Accessed 8 Aug. 2023.


  When is it safe to use ChatGPT?

Flowchart devised by Aleksandr Tiulkanov, AI and Data Policy Lawyer, January 2023 (page 6).