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Library Resources as Textbook Alternatives and Course Readings: Home

This guide is designed to help faculty incorporate library resources into their courses to replace or supplement their textbooks.

Textbook Cost

Average Textbook Cost = $89 Library Resources =  $0 - Professional Quality At No Additional Cost

From GAO (June 2013)

Palm Beach State College Libraries provides access to over a millions of professional articles, over 120,000 eBooks, and tens of thousands of streaming videos. If you are looking at replacing or supplementing your textbook librarians are eager to help you leverage our resources.


Adding Library Resources in Blackboard

Research Guides (LibGuides)

This webpage is an example of what we refer to as a Research Guide or a LibGuide.  There are a couple of advantages to putting additional readings, or even replacing a textbook with a LibGuide.  If you do not have a Blackboard component to your class a LibGuide can be an easy to use tool for providing access to your readings.  Second, you can work with a librarian to create your guide, with the librarian doing most of the administration work or with you having full control of your guide. Finally, putting mutiple library links in Blackboard may create a long list in Blackboard, so if you have a large list resources a LibGuide can be more condensed.

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