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Common Reader Program

Students Talk about I am Malala (2017/2018)


Education has the power to transform lives, communities, and societies. All teenagers should have the right to their Education. We all around the world should be free to get our education.

Richkardine Drice

SLS 1501 Professor Mason-Egan

We're in 2017, and we may think that the fight for human rights is over and in the past, but it is not, and we must keep fighting for the ones who cannot protect themselves, for the sake of our world.

Rosielis Ramones

SLS 1501 Dr. Mason-Egan

I am Malala is an eye opening book. Being a young woman who values her education, I’ve come to realize getting an education is someone’s right, not a luxury.

Elainna Ceresa

SLS1501 Dr. Mason-Egan

The book has helped me because I realize that the laws in the United States are not the same all over the country. Overall. I think everybody should be treated fairly. Malala helped bring change.

Janay Hall

SLS1501 Professor Reber

I am Malala tells a story that still has an impact in our society. The author is a young girl from Pakistan who dedicated her life to help young girls and women across the world.

Andreline Silus

SLS1501, Professor Lachish Reber

The book I am Malala affected my thinking in a myriad of ways; It taught that not every country is a free country where anybody can get the education they desire, other countries are different.

Makenlove Vital

SLS1501 Professor Lachish Reber

It is my belief that having human rights such as: freedom of speech or thoughts, equality, peace, justice and simply the right to live in this world are all principles that we as human beings should not be robbed of..

Ashley Tapia

SLS1501 Professor Lachish Reber



SLS1501- Dr. Mason-Egan

After reading the book I am Malala I realize how I take for granted in my life. That book got me think how blessed I am to be in a country that I can express my feelings and speak without thinking that someone is going to kill me or spied me. Now I appreciate more how l live and the blessed that I have an education because in many parts of the world this does not exist; it’s like breaking a law if you decided to study. I felt so much empathy for her history I also felt a connection with her history. I thought this book wouldn't be interesting but I was and it also taught me to appreciate what I have now and that I also have to fight for my rights.  For these reasons, I would like people to read this book because it’s very educational.

Franchesca De Jesus

SLS 1501 Professor Mason-Egan


It is a difficult task to achieve tolerance especially when you've been hurt numerous time, and your human rights. It has been said that forgiveness was the best remedy against those who wrong you. What is it that allow us? Courage? Faith? It is a little bit of both. With Malala she was able achieve tolerance in spite of the violation of her human rights. Her life was changed drastically, yet she turned it around. It was not easy, but being able to look forward by standing by her core values with a strong moral support, her family. Tolerance is achievable. Human rights should be preserved; it is what makes us human being able to care for others as human being.

Christelle Alcinor

Honors College


Before reading this book I never realized to the extent of how blessed I am to have education so readily available. Education should be just as easily accessible to every child around the world. This courageous story of Malala is incredibly inspirational because she and her friends were not only ecstatic about being educated, but they fought for it to the point of standing up to the Taliban and almost losing their lives. Education should not be something children have to fight for, it should be something they are able to proudly exhibit no matter who is watching.

Rachael Hobbs

Honors College


We do not realize how lucky we are to be in countries where we have freedom and able to have access to education, job and in general, similar opportunities. Malala’s book is an inspiration for people who are always complaining about the lack of chances and misfortunes life put in front of us. Malala’s book, also provides encouragement to the ones who have great ideas and are not willing to step up because of fear. Life is what we make of it, not matter what happen tomorrow, destiny is in our hand and should fight for it.

Daniel Huamani Centeno

Honors College


Throughout her life, Malala Yousafzai tolerated blatant ignorance and constant opposition during her stand for equality. She once beautifully stated, “We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced.” The more the Taliban attempted to silence her, the louder she became. Her devout mission for women’s educational rights lead to dramatic change in a world where silence was previously the only option. “Education is neither Eastern nor Western, it is human,” she once said. Malala has changed my perspective on what it truly means to be a human who fights for humanity no matter the personal cost.

Christy LaFlamme

Honors College  Marcella Montesinos

The book I am Malala gave me insights into education opportunities in countries outside the United States.  I had no idea that places outside the United States did not offer opportunities for all children to receive an education.  The discrimination based on gender made me believe that compulsory education for all is a benefit to a country as a whole because what country could survive with only 50% of the population having an education.  I am more tolerant of people of the Muslim faith now that I understand how the country of Pakistan faced the growth of the Taliban in their own country.  More than anything, I realize that I believe that education is a human right for all people around the world.

Connie Tuisku


I always thought that the book was just a made up story, because i never thought they will shot someone for going to school specially a girl. I think I'm blessed to go to school every day .

Bernadine Lexius

SLS 1501 Professor Mason-Eagan

The book “I am Malala” by Malala Yousafzai has changed my thinking about human rights and tolerance. First, I have taken education for granted. This book made me realize that in many countries, child.

Nhi Nguyen

SLS 1501 Professor Mason-Eagan

I feel that tolerance is based on perception. If you have a negative perception about someone then your tolerance would be way shorter than somebody you have a good perception of.

Ryan Jenkins

SLS 1501 Professor Mason-Eagan