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Library Assessment: Services, Programs, and Resources: Information Literacy

Library Information Literacy Program

The Library Information Literacy Program at Palm Beach State College supports the instructional mission of the College and its General Education program. Information literacy is one of the College's general institutional learning outcomes and is rooted in "the ability to find, evaluate, organize, and use information". This definition is consistent with educational outcomes for the State of Florida and text from the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education (2016).

The Library Information Literacy Program is an integrated, outcomes-based model of instruction that incorporates different forms of instruction at selective points in a student's academic career. The intent of the program is to achieve a tiered and coordinated approach to developing information literacy skills and a framework for lifelong learning. This approach incorporates information literacy and critical thinking with writing across the curriculum.

Specifically, the mission of the Library Information Literacy Program is to create an environment which:

  • Provides formal and informal instruction to individuals and classes and mentors research skill development in person and through distance learning
  • Offers students diverse learning opportunities in a variety of settings
  • Promotes the ethical use of library and information resources in all formats
  • Collaborates with colleagues from all departments and disciplines to integrate information literacy into academic programs
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of our methods and programs on an ongoing basis, while continually updating and reviewing our own knowledge and skills
  • Assesses a student's ability to locate, evaluate, organize, and use information through formal and information library and college-wide initiatives and measurements