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ENC 1101 College Composition (Prof. Marzelli - Lake Worth): Basics

Cause & Effect paper using an historical occurence or event

Documenting Sources

Working Bibliography *
  • Dynamic list of sources consulted for paper and organized according to your outline
  • Descriptive elements (author, title, name of source) provided for each source
  • All sources should contain (1) author(s), title (with sub-title(s)), (3) publication year, medium consulted
  • Additional information provided according to type of source:  book, chapter in book, periodical article, or web sources such as web page, blog, email, discussion forum, chat

* - Also called source list or Works Consulted list

Works Cited - Sample (Purdue OWL)

  • Alphabetical list of sources with full description of each source
  • Last page of paper

Annotated Bibliography - Sample (Purdue OWL)

  • Working bibliography with added summaries or annotations for each source
  • Reminder of what is contained in soruces
  • Helps to refine argument of paper
  • Some research projects require annotated bibliography as end product of research

In-text Citations - Samples (Purdue OWL)

  • Individual sources referenced and linked to Works Cited, but within text of paper and included with paraphrased and quoted information in the body of the paper

See also:  Palmquist, Mike.  The Bedford Researcher.  Boston:  Bedford/St. Martin's, 2012.  Print.

See also APA style and APA Resource Center