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SLS 1501 (Prof. Allison--Palm Beach Gardens): Career Resources

Career and Vocational Library Databases

The PBSC Library offers our students a wealth of research material through our online subscription databases. 

To access our databases, log in to PantherWeb and click on the library icon or, log in to Blackboard and click on Palm Beach State eLibrary.  To see the list of databases, click on the link A-Z Databases. To see career specific databases, click on the box that called "All Subjects" and choose Careers.

Career and Vocational databases include:

Exploring the Occupational Outlook Handbook

Visit the Occupational Outlook Handbook and type your chosen career in the "search handbook" bar. Explore the different tabs to learn about this profession. Think about the following questions as you read through the information:

  1. How much money could you expect to make in this career? What factors might affect your salary?
  2. Look at the tab "How to Become One." What different kinds of training is involved? How valuable will your degree and/or certification be on your path to this career?
  3. Describe the technical and "soft" skills you need to be successful at this job.
  4. Look at the tab "Work Environment." What factors beside salary could affect a person's decision to follow this career path?


Career Web Sites