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Information Has Value

Ask yourself:

What is the purpose of the information?

Who has access to this information and who does not?

Is the material licensed in a specific way that promotes or prohibits reuse?

Why do you need to cite your work?


As a PBSC student you may be asked to write a research paper (or another written assignment) that will require you to incorporate outside sources. You will need these outside sources to help support your assignment/claim by lending it credibility and authority.

If an outside source is not cited correctly, or not at all, it can be considered plagiarism. To avoid plagiarism, you will need to incorporate these sources properly according to a citation style. There are many citation styles including the MLA and APA, the styles most used at PBSC.

FINE PRINT: Always follow your instructor's directions regarding citations. Also, if you are assigned a writing guide such as The Bedford Handbook, The Little Seagull Handbook, or A Pocket Style Manual, use your assigned guide for citation examples. 

PBSC's Citation Guides

Downloadable templates, examples, step-by-step videos, and more, are featured on these guides.

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Avoiding Plagiarism

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