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IDH 2911 Honors Research Process (Prof. Dilgen-Lake Worth): Home



The purpose for this library Instruction is to help you with the following assignments:


Search Plan


In a few paragraphs,  plan your search for your major research paper.

Be sure to include the following items as part of your discussion:

--Working Thesis

--Purpose of Project

--Types of Information you will search for

--Search Tools you will use

--Types of Sources you will consult

--Specific Search Strategies you will use

--Qualitative Research Project you will include

Journal Article Evaluation

Access a journal article on the topic of your Research Paper. 

List the database you used to access the source and its citation.

In a brief essay (of several paragraphs),

Summarize the source’s main points.

Evaluate the source

Comment on at least three elements of writing which were effective in persuading the reader.








Final Research Paper

Your final research Paper should be approximately 1500 words. 

Your thesis should be an original idea, synthesizing fact and opinion from several sources.

Use at least five sources, including:

A Reference Source

A Book

A Journal Article

 Qualitative Research you conduct (An interview, observation, survey, etc.)

Use in-text citations and a Works Cited list (MLA) or References list (APA) 

Be sure to demonstrate your ability to paraphrase and quote effectively

Use signal phrases to introduce the ideas of others

Include a rebuttal