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Public Transportation to PBSC

Bus Stops

The bus stops that are near the Boca Raton Campus are:

770 and 771

Take note of how far these stops may be to your classrooms while planning your commute.

Bus Routes

Route 94 Northbound or Southbound leads to PBSC Boca Raton.


If you want to get a personalized map of how to get to PBSC Boca Raton from your location, check the Palm Tran Trip Planner and enter your location and destination under the Trip Planner tab at

Train Information

The train station that is closest to the Boca Raton Campus is the Boca Raton station.

Additionally, there is a bus that runs from the train station to PBSC which takes less than 15 minutes. Look for Route 94 Southbound. 
If possible, download the Palm Tran app to your phone to get updates about busses: