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Honors College Research Workshop : Research Basics

Research Basics

Research is iterative and depends upon asking increasingly complex or new questions whose answers in turn develop additional questions or lines of inquiry in any field.

-Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education

Honors College Projects

Honors Project Contracts

An Honors Project Contract allows the student to add an Honors component to courses, with instructor permission. The student and instructor sign a contract agreeing to follow Palm Beach State College Honors requirements. In the initial phase of an Honors Project Contract, the instructor meets with the student to determine the topic of the project. The student decides which model his or her project will follow (see below). After the model and topic are determined, the instructor continues to meet with the student throughout the term to receive updates on the student's progress and to give guidance and advice on the project. During the term, the student will also complete a required Honors College Poster. For more information on this process, the instructor should see the guidelines below or contact the Honors office.

Note: Honor students are permitted to complete an honors project via eLearning or as pure Internet course.

Honors Models for Projects

Honors Models for Projects

Students wishing to complete an Honors project in a class may select from several project models.


Guidelines and forms

All models must

  • be from 2,000 to 5,000 words,
  • include a cover page,
  • include a Works Cited or References page with documentation and citation in the body of the paper of all references listed,
  • use either Modern Language Association (MLA) or American Psychological Association (APA) style format (instructor's choice),
  • be error-free and typed in 12-point font.

Note: The student must have written permission to publish photographs of people, and photographs borrowed from another source must be properly cited.