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HSC 2100 Health Concepts and Strategies (Prof. Haney - Lake Worth): Getting Started

Health Literacy Project

Why do we need to know about health literacy?


Based on your experiences and research throughout the semester in class you will create a video in the form of a PSA, a voice over powerpoint/prezi or an infographic with highlights from your journal and your presentation of topic with your chosen audience to enhance the health literacy of others. You will analyze how your topic has been portrayed in culture, how accurate it is, what you believe should be changed in society (if anything), how it applies to your life, and how it may apply to others.

All students will be required to conduct a 5 minute presentation or create an infographic on an approved health topic. Powerpoint/prezi with voiceover or personally made videos will all be acceptable forms of presentation. Students are to answer questions about their presentations to your fellow classmates and your professor.

Please use a minimum of 5 credible sources-library database, PubMed, MedlinePlus, websites that end in .gov/.edu/.org.

You will identify a health topic you would like to research and explore how it applies in your everyday life. You will keep a paper, notebook or electronic journal documenting your experiences with your chosen topic. Whenever you see a billboard, newspaper/magazine article, hear it on TV or on the radio, see it in a movie, hear it in a song, or in any other form you will document this. You can snap a photo or find it online to print or include in your electronic journal. You are to write a few sentences on how the specific item applies to your chosen topic/theme.

You will turn in this journal for review before your final project submission for review and feedback.

Then you will submit an outline for your final project before completing.

You will need to present to a friend, family member, neighbor, coworker, or in a community setting BEFORE your final class product.

Finally you will write a 1 page reflection on your experience. You will comment on what you learned, how it has impacted you, how you will apply in your life and why it is important for others to know.

You have multiple steps which are outlined in this libguide. You should follow all steps and also the due dates within the blackboard course as you will have parts of your project due throughout the semester building up to your final project!

I recommend you review the ENTIRE libguide BEFORE getting started :)