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Engineering Resource Guide: The Engineering Profession

Engineering as a Career

Design Your Future in Engineering

> What do engineers do?

> What are the job prospects for engineers?

> What is required for an engineering degree?

What Engineers Do

Design and Build

> Buildings, Roads, Machines, Devices and Systems

Manage and Execute

> Small Projects such as Researching New Ventures

> Large Projects such as Building a Hydroelectric Dam

Create New Businesses

> Innovate New Products

> Start New Companies

Engineering Fields

Civil Engineers Design and Build

> Highways, Bridges, Dams, Tunnels, Canals and Skyscrapers


 Mechanical Engineers Design and Build

> Transportation Vehicles such as Cars, Ships, Trains and Airplanes


 Electrical Engineers Design and Build

> Electric Motor and Generators for Electric Utilities

> Electric Power Distribution Systems

 Electronics and Computer Engineers Design and Build

> Electrical and Electronic Devises such as Household Appliances

> TVs, Radios, Computers, Mobile Phones and Robots



Engineering Salaries


> offers Creative Expression

> offers Challenging Projects

> offers Exceptional Opportunities

> is Highly Motivating

Annual Mean Wage for CEs, MEs, EEs and other kinds of Engineers in 2023:  $111,890

Specialties like Chemical Engineers and Nuclear Engineers are more highly paid

From US Dept of Labor: Bureau of Labor Statistics