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HSC 2100: Research as Inquiry

This LibGuide is the compliment to HSC 2100 as taught by Professor Kaleita.

The Main Question-Research is a Conversation not a soliloquy!

My broad topic of interest generated other ideas regarding exercise- how much exercise and what kind? Or i could  focus on the efficacy of taking baby aspirin since i know that there are counterclaims about the amount and the impact of ingesting aspirin on a daily basis.  I decided on exercise because I could capitalize on what I already know or think I know.  Could this be my introduction?

I wrote down a major question for my research: What type of exercise is needed for optimum health and how often does one needed to exercise to obtain any benefits? 

Research is driven by questions or inquiry, so my major question begs other questions. 

  • Why is my lack of exercise seen as a problem and how does it relate to mortality (death) or morbidity (sickness)?
  • Does the type of exercise that one needs, vary with age?
  • Is there a time limit associated with frequency?
  • Are there other elements involved in order to optimize my workouts?  Do i really need a power shake or water after exercise?

Since I am just starting out I need to locate background information and a good place to start is with a book or a good overview of the problem. It may be your problem, but chances are, that is the problem of other people too.


You may want to look at Handbooks such as this one.

Background Databases

This is a good place to start your research. One of the best features is if you look to left you can link-out ot other databases.

Citing a book in American Psychological Association Style

Cite a book using this format:

Author (Who). (The When). Title. (What) Location (Where): Publisher

Kaleita, L. (2018). Change your health. Wellington, Fl: Pineapple Press.

Statistics-Florida Charts

You can search for health statistics here by county or review the status by the state.  You can find issues specific to your county.