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This LibGuide is the compliment to HSC 2100 as taught by Professor Kaleita.

Class Assignment


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Information creation ( your paper) is a process. It is without shape until you form into a cohesive statement in the form of your paper. It should be unique, which makes it yours. If not, then you have plagiarized and intentionally or unintentionally stolen from others, so ensure that you rewrite what you have read to show understanding and that you give credit where credit is due.



Start with your idea for a behavior change. You can look at your weaknesses, wants, or even capitalize on your strengths.

Once you have your topic, you will want to give some background on its relevance to you and maybe some background information on how it is relevant to others.  For instance, I took the age test and was pegged at five years younger than my chronological age.  One of the areas that I took a hit on was "cardiovascular health".  The reasons: I do not exercise as much as I use to exercise and I do not take baby aspirins.  Hmm. 

These topics gave me an idea of how much exercise and what kind? Or i could focus on the efficacy of taking baby aspirin since i know that there are counterclaims about the amount and the impact of ingestion.  I decided on exercise because I could capitalize on what I already know or think I know.  Could this be my introduction?


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Citing a book

Author: Last Name, First Initial. (Date). Title of book. Publication Information.

Kaleita, L. (2018). Your health project.  Loxahatchee, Fl: Pineapple Press.

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