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Professor Pachter's News Writing for Mass Media Lib Guide with Instruction: Course Information and Assignments

by Professor Alyse McKeal and Professor Marcie Pachter

AP Quiz Information

Information for Taking AP Quizzes

You must take and pass 10 short quizzes to demonstrate your understanding of AP style and form. The style area covered for each quiz is listed on the Lib Guide under Assignments. These quizzes will count for 10 percent of your final grade.

Quizzes will be administered for the first 15 minutes of each Monday’s class ONLY. If you are absent or so tardy you cannot complete the quiz, a 0 will be recorded and counted toward your quiz average. After we have completed all 10 quizzes, you will have the opportunity to go back and redo quizzes with low scores (one per Monday).

These links to Purdue OWL for AP Style is the easiest place to study relevant information.

Quiz 1: Names and Titles (January 13)

Quiz 2: Punctuation (January 22)

Quiz 3: Ages and Numerals (January 29)

Quiz 4: Addresses and States/Cities (February 3)

Quiz 5: Dates and Times (February 10)

Quiz 6: Datelines (February 17)

Quiz 7: Abbreviations and Acronyms (February 24)

Quiz 8: Technological terms (March 9)

Quiz 9: Books and other compositions (March 16)

Quiz 10: Dimensions and Miles (March 23)