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Rosenwald Schools of Palm Beach County: Lake County, Florida Rosenwald Schools

Resources and information about the History of Rosenwald Schools of Palm Beach County

Success Stories

Our neighbors in Lake County, Florida still have started a non-profit (The Okahumpka Community Club) to restore their 1931 Rosenwald School.

The organizers, community partners, and friends have worked to place the school on the National Register of Historic Places, identified and applied for grant funding, and started a Go-Fund-Me account. The 'School of Architecture / College of Design, Construction and Planning at the University of Florida, has joined in the project of restoring the Rosenwald School, and building a New Community Center to serve as a meeting place in support of the future restored school. They are donating their time and expertise in drafting plans, chronicling the school's current condition, and helping with Planning, Zoning, and building permitting. KMF Architects of Orlando has stepped up to work with the University ff Florida for all the requirements that have to be hurdled on our way to making this project get underway. 


Rosenwald Schools of Lake County, Florida

Rosenwald Schools of Lake County Florida




Researched by Chip D'Amico

Okahumpka Community Club At-Large Board member & fundraising Chairman

After spending 11 hours at the Lake County School Board offices going through files they pulled for me, below is a link to photographs of their property files for all of the believed Rosenwald School sites that the keeper of the records for the school district could locate.

I have an album for each location from the Fisk Universities Cardfile of the location and follow with pertinent photos for that School from the School Board Files.  The deed photos detail when the properties were purchased by the Lake County Board of Public Education, to the time they were sold. 

(NOTE:  Some locations may have the full folders photographed, which would include the history of the property from the time it was first issued by the U.S. Government.  Also, not every folder had deed copies.)

There are only a few that actually list an address.  Most just give the legal descriptions of the properties.