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Community Resources: Housing Insecurity/Homelessness & More: Reentry

Social Work and Social Services Resources in Palm Beach County and Florida (Under Construction)


This guide by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) covers all the basics of what you will need to consider during your reentry and links to different services that can help. This guide is not just for people with mental disorders, it is for anyone who is transitioning.

Hope for Prisoners is an excellent programs that offers workshops related to professional development, technology training, and financial learning.

Here are some reentry programs recognized by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.


Help for Felons is a website that covers a range of resources that could be helpful including legal info, financial help, potential housing, and job help.

Similar to Help for Felons, Ex-offenders provides a variety of resources you may find helpful.

Adapted from: Emporia University- 802XS2019Spring-Prisoner Reentry Resources: Computer Skills

Reentry Summit 2020: PB County


The Lord’s Place

Palm Beach County Department of Public Safety

Florida Atlantic University, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Public Defender’s Office – 15th Judicial Circuit

Palm Beach County School District

Palm Beach County Sherriff’s Office

National Association of Mental Illness

Palm Beach State College

Gulfstream Goodwill Industries

Florida Department of Corrections

Riviera Beach Justice Service Center

Matthew 25 Ministries


Plunk Designs

Wordsmith Communications

Job Resources

Get Access to Technology to apply for jobs, prepare resume and more:

  • Tech 101 is a free 12-session course designed specifically to help you transition from being an inmate to being a member of your community.
  • Universal Class is a great resource for any topic you want to learn. That's why we also listed it on our homepage!
  • is another online learning hub available to you free of charge through the Palm Beach County Library System. This database is excellent for learning advanced software like Photoshop.

Reentry 211 Resources


Exodus Prison Reentry Ministry Program (561) 249-1057

Florida Community Alliance (Youth) (561) 904-6514

Gulfstream Goodwill Comm. Re-Entry Program (561) 848-7200

Knowledge Is Power (561) 249-1023

Office of Public Defender – Project REAP Success (561) 355-7603

Prison Fellowship Riviera Beach Justice Service Center (561) 840-3124

The Lord’s Place (561) 494-0125

Veterans Reentry and Healthcare (561) 422-8223



Adult Education Center (561) 616-7800

Glades Family Education Program (GED) (561) 992-8068

Inlet Grove High School (561) 881-4600

Lincoln College of Technology (561) 842-2433

Literacy Coalition of PB County Hotline (800) 273-1030

Palm Beach State College (561) 868-3350

South Technical Academy (561) 369-7004



Florida DOE Vocational Rehab (West Palm Beach) (561) 650-6804

Workforce Alliance Central Career Center (WPB) (800) 556-5627


HOMELESS/SHELTER                               211

Center of Hope (561) 682-1118

Homeless Residential Assessment Program (CARP) (561) 844-6400

Jesus and You Outreach Ministries (561) 842-4276

Matthew 25 Ministries Miracle Village (561) 432-9072

Partners for Change (561) 478-5852

Safelink (free cell phone and airtime) (800) 977-3768

St. Ann Place (561) 805-7708

The Lord’s Place (561) 494-0125

Key Terms

Here are some of the words that you will see often during your reentry process.
  • COMMUNITY RESOURCE -- any organization or entity which helps contribute to and improve the qualify of life in their particular area
  • FOOD PANTRY -- an individual site that distributes bags or boxes of food directly to those in need who reside in a specified area
  • REENTRY -- the transition of offenders from prisons or jails back into the community
  • REHABILITATION -- care that can help you get back, keep, or improve abilities that you need for daily life. These abilities may be physical, mental, and/or cognitive (thinking and learning)
  • RENTAL ASSISTANCE -- monetary help with rent that can come from a government agency or a nonprofit
  • RÉSUMÉ -- a one- or two-page document that includes a person's education, job experience, and skills; typically given to possible employers with a job application
  • SELF-CARE -- the practice of taking an active role in protecting one's own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress
  • TRANSITION -- change in lifestyle following release from a correctional facility