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Community Resources: Housing Insecurity/Homelessness & More: ShoweringLove

Social Work and Social Services Resources in Palm Beach County and Florida (Under Construction)

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Phone (954)-529-6098

PBState's Next Housing Insecurity Event

Join us for our next event,

Showering Love on Our Neighbors:
Support People Struggling with Homelessness through Food and the Arts on Valentine's Day

Wednesday, Feb 14
9 am - 12 pm
Bethel Assembly Church
Across from the LAKE WORTH CAMPUS
4320 S Congress Ave


Bring suggested donations!

February 14th Event at Bethel Assembly Church (Details in PDF and above)

ShoweringLove's MIssion

Showering Love

Mobile Showers

Why a bus with mobile showers?

The bus is a tool that allows us to connect with people experiencing homelessness. It gives Showering Love the opportunity to meet the homeless where they are and provide guidance and resources.


"Showering Love was envisioned 30 years ago when CEO & President, Jeanne Lewis, first started feeding the homeless. By sharing her story, she invites everyone to join in helping to restore dignity and hope within the homeless community. 

  • Showering Love intends to meet the homeless where they are, to shower them with love, to restore dignity, to share hope, and to encourage them to pursue self-sufficiency.

  • Showering Love works to determine the immediate concerns and needs of the homeless and give them the necessary resources to take them to the next step.

  • We are not here to enable anyone, but rather to support them in becoming productive members of society. I know from my own experience that while this is not easy, it is certainly attainable.

  • With help from Showering Love and other community organizations working together we will create a roadmap to self-sufficiency."

"Our MOBILE SHOWER FUNDRAISER and LOVE BAGS are just two ways in which we plan to serve our local homeless."




More about Founder, Jeanne Lewis

Jeanne Lewis's Interview on the South Florida CW Network.

February 27, 2017by Joe Trembly

Jeanne Lewis, Founder and President of Showering Love, was recently interviewed by Melissa Marrero of The CW South Florida , to talk about her passion behind Showering Love and the vision of providing hot showers to people experiencing homeless.

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Click on the picture to listen to the interview.