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Engineering Resource Guide: PBSC Courses Transferable to Engineering Programs

Palm Beach State College Courses Transferable to Engineering Programs

At least 48 credit hours of college credit courses at PBSC can transfer to an engineering degree at Florida state engineering colleges such as:

FAU     U of F     FIU   UCF and other Florida state colleges

Palm Beach State College Courses that Transfer to Florida State Engineering Colleges


Description                                                Course #       Credits

First Year, Fall (14 Total Credits)

College Comp I                                              ENC 1101             3

Calculus with Analyt Geo I                             MAC 2311            4

General Chemistry I                                       CHM 1045            3

General Chemistry Lab                                   CHM 1045 L         1

Social Science (first)                                       (note a and b)       3


First Year, Spring (14 Total Credits)

College Writing II                                             ENC 1102            3

Calculus with Analyt Geo 2                              MAC 2312           4

Physics w/Calculus I                                        Phys 2048            3

Physics I Lab                                                   Phys 2048 L          1

Introduction to Engineering                         EGN 1002C           3


Second Year, Fall (14 Total Credits)

Physics w/Calculus 2                                        Phys 2049            3

Physics 2 Lab                                                    Phys 2049 L         1

Calculus with Analyt Geo  3                               MAC 2313            4

Social Sciences (second)                                  (note a and b)       3

Humanity (first)                                                 (note a and b)         3


Second Year, Spring (12 to 16 Total Credits)

Differential Equations                                          MAP 2302           3

Social Sciences (third) or Health                         (note a and b)     3

Humanity (second)                                              (note a and b)      3

Speech (note a and b)                                            SPC 1017        3

General Chemistry II (note b)                             CHM 1046            3

General Chemistry II Lab (note b)                     CHM 1046 L          1


a)       From the PBSC Associate of Arts program courses.

b)       Verify the acceptability of the course with FAU

or other college engineering advisor.

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