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Engineering Resource Guide: Introduction to Engineering (EGN 1002)

The Introduction to Engineering Course at the Lake Worth Campus

The Instructor, Arthur Garcia, has been teaching EGN 1002 for eight years and offers the most advanced classroom learning environment. All students have a computer at his or her desk used to apply Excel as a tool for solving engineering problems. E-mail at:

Visit my faculty web site and review the syllabus for EGN 1002:  Faculty Web Site

The Introduction to Engineering (EGN 1002) at PBSC

Palm Beach State College offers all of the courses you need to get started.  Calculus, physics, chemistry and other essential freshman and sophomore level courses for an engineering degree program are available at PBSC.   In particular, PBSC offers an Introduction to Engineering course (EGN 1002) to acquaint students with the  practice of engineering and the various engineering disciplines that students can consider including:

> Mechanical Engineering and related Aerospace, Nuclear, Chemical and others

> Civil Engineering and related Environmental, Structural, Architectural and others

> Electrical Engineering and related Powerplant, Electronics, Computer and others



Introduction to Engineering Course ,EGN 1002, Content: Lake Worth Campus

Term Projects:

> Powerpoint Presentations/ Hands-on Projects

Group 1: Word Processing and Spreadsheet Exercises

> MS Word Applications/ Project Management

> Spreadsheet Exercises/ Numerical Integration

Group 2: Charting and Statistics

> Charts using Excel/ Histogram & Central Tendency

> Regression Analysis/ Normal Distribution Analysis

Group 3: Static Forces

> Vector Problems/ Static Loads/ Truss Loads

Group 4: Dynamics

> Rectilinear Motion and Circular Motion

> Force, Mass and Acceleration/ Work, Energy and Power

Group 5: Direct and Alternating Current Exercises

> Direct Current Series and Parallel Circuits

> Alternating Current Series and Parallel Circuits

The Introduction to Engineering (EGN 1002)

The Introduction to Engineering, EGN 1002, is a course that offers students an insight to the engineering profession. The course includes an overview of the various engineering disciplines and exercises in fundamental engineering problems. This course is required for completion of course requirements for an engineering degree in all Florida state colleges.