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LGBTQIA+ Resource Guide

Selected resources regarding the diversity of gender and sexual identity. (Under Construction)

Mark Bingham (1970-2001)

Mark Bingham

Mark Bingham Book Hero of Flight 93:
Mark Bingham

Jon Barrett
ISBN: 1555837808
Date: 2002
  • Biography:  Barrett, Jon. "This Is Mark Bingham." Advocate 854/855 (2002): 41. Academic Search Complete. Web. 5 Mar. 2015. 
    On Campus | Off Campus
  • Article:  DSouzza, Karen.  "Story of Flight 93 Hero Mark Bingham to Have a Homecoming."  San Jose mercury News 4 March 2014.  Web.  5 March 2015.
  • Video:  United 93 (LINCCWeb video record)  |  Palm Beach Gardens LLRC
  • Web article: "The Investigation of Flight 93." PBS News Hour. Public Broadcasting System. 13 September 2001. Web. 5 March 2015.

Rev. Malcolm Boyd (1923-2015)

Malcolm Boyd Malcolm Boyd Autobiography

Boyd, Malcolm. As I Live and Breathe: Stages of an Autobiography. New York: Random House, 1970. Print.

Call Number:  BX5995.B66A3


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