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MLA 9: Journals, magazines, newspapers

Basic Format: Journals, Magazines, Newspapers

Basic Format

LastName, FirstName. "Title of the Article." Source, vol. #, no. #, date, page(s).


Type of article In text citation example Works cited page example
Magazine (print version) (Derousseau 27). Derousseau, Ryan. “The One Company That Amazon Can’t Disrupt.” Money, Sept. 2018, pp. 26-27.
Newspaper (online version) (Chen). Chen, Te-Ping. “Companies Lure New Workers With College Coaching, Student Debt Repayment.” Wall Street Journal, 3 Oct. 2018.
Journal (from a library database) (Amirell 450). Amirell, Stefan. "Female Rule in the Indian Ocean World (1300-1900)." Journal of World History, vol. 26, no. 3, 2015, p. 443-89. Academic OneFile,