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Common Reader (2020-2021): There is No Planet B: A Handbook for the Make or Break Years: Take Action

Join a PBSC Student Organization!

Community Earth (Palm Beach Gardens Campus)

Community Earth Club is for PBSC students on the Eissey Campus who want to learn about and protect the environment. We create a common place for students to educate themselves about current global issues and to act upon them inside and outside of the college.

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Interested in organizing an environmental club at your campus? Start here:

Student Activities: How to Form a Club

Communicate with Congress

Created by the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) for scientists and science advocates who are concerned about policy decisions regarding scientific issues, it also applies to anyone wishing to gain skills communicating with members of Congress. "It explains the most effective ways to communicate with Congress, whether by mail, email, phone call or in person. It also covers how to set up and prepare for a meeting with a congressional senator or representative, either in Washington, D.C. or in their local office; highlighting best practices and what to expect. It also describes the context and construct of the people which whom they will be meeting and the world in which they operate and includes interviews with former Capitol Hill staff members."

Community Earth in Action!

Students at Multicultural Fair
Everglades Tour
Planting Day
Beach Clean up
recycle team
Recycling seminar

Social Media

Mike Berners-Lee has suggested sharing ideas via Twitter by using #NoPlanetB. Here are some other popular environmental hashtags:

#environment             #climatechange             #recycle

#sustainable              #gogreen                       #savetheplanet