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A permalink, also known as a permanent, stable, or static link, is a hyperlink that is less susceptible to change over time, linking to a specific webpage, blog post, or other online resource. It provides an easy way to link back to licensed library resources, such as eBooks, articles, videos, or databases. 
Linking via permalink is recommend in Blackboard, course syllabi, and email, rather than posting digital full-text of an article, book chapter, or image.


Why should I use permalinks? 

  1. Links or URLs in the address bar will not always direct back to the same page you previously visited. When copied, they may contain information that is based on your session or search, and won't work at a later time, or for someone else.
  2. Permalinks can provide librarians with usage statistics, which help them make decisions about the cancelation and renewal of resources.


Where do I find the permalink

Permalinks are usually located in the record you want to link to. It can be found by looking near the toolbar for PermalinkLink, or a chain-link or share icon. It may also be listed as Record URL.


Highlighted permalink on EBSCO database

Share database link example


What do the links look like?

OpenAthens-enabled resources will most likely have an URL like the following:


Some databases will not show any "athens" information. Please test them and check OpenAthens sign-on availability: