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Quick Guide to Getting Started in a Remote Environment: Managing Stress and Anxiety

Quick overview of some recommended practices for working/studying remotely. How to set-up and office environment, manage interruptions, best browsers, etc..

Stress and Anxiety

You can download some applications to help you manage your stress and anxiety which is a normal response to a changing environment. The problem is it persists or continues long enough to interrupt your normal activities. During this time it is important to stay connected to others.  Keep yourself informed, but you do not need to monitor the news every waking moment. Try to  watch some comedies or find something relaxing to do. If you begin to experience difficulties seek support  over the phone or via chat. There is  a link below for counseling services. Check out our electronic books, videos and or music. 

Just Breathe.

This is the link for the college's Counseling Center:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Videos on Managing Stress

Applications to Download

Quarantine—24/7 Chat designed to remotely match you with someone no matter time or location. Used to combat social isolation.

GroupMe---Can be used to work on projects together.

Marco Polo--Application will allow you to tape chats to share. 

Breathing --This application is based on resonance breathing to help you find your calm.

Calm-- Rated one of the happiest applications. One of the best applications for sleep.

Sanvello--offers clinically validated techniques to reduce stress and anxiety.


You can download these to your computer or your phone. Go to your application store.

Electronic Books