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Quick Guide to Getting Started in a Remote Environment: Home

Quick overview of some recommended practices for working/studying remotely. How to set-up and office environment, manage interruptions, best browsers, etc..

Tips for Successful Online Learning-Students/Instructors

How to Set-Up a Work Area

These are some of the recommendations made by various research groups or aggregators.

Dress as though you were going to leave the house.

Select a dedicated space-not your kitchen table.

Working at a Desk or Table

Adjust your chair or select a chair that allows your feet to sit flat on floor.

Keep your back snug into the chair and your arms at a 90 degree position. Use a cushion on your chair if the table is too high.

The top of your monitor should be were you are gazing down at it, not up. This should help to relieve eye strain and dry eyes according to Jeffrey Anshel, ophthalmologist and  author of Visual Ergonomics.

Working on your Bed or Couch.

Sit with your back to a hard surface and put a pillow lengthwise on the bed. Next put a pillow up and down to support your back. Put another pillow under your thighs to reduce lower back strain.

Make sure that you have a hard surface supported by a pillow that keeps the screen where your focus is toward the center, so you are gazing down. Use a pillow for support.

If you are working from a couch try to use a pillow for back support  so that you are reclined and that your feet reach the floor. 

Working at a Counter

The positioning is consistent no matter where you decide to work. Arms bent 90-115 degrees, monitor at eye level.  

Working for Long Stretches.

Vary your position. One suggestion is 20 minutes of sitting, 8 minutes of standing 2 minutes of movement. In other words change positions about every half-hour.



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