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Quick Guide to Getting Started in a Remote Environment: The Online Environment

Quick overview of some recommended practices for working/studying remotely. How to set-up and office environment, manage interruptions, best browsers, etc..


Use the tutorials here to: Download MS Office and Skype,where to find an Internet Hotspot, practice Net Etiquette,learn Time Management Technique, Simple Computer Maintenance.

Quick Tutorial

How to Find and Use Internet Hotspots in Town


  You can reach us!
You can reach us by email:
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This site is staffed by librarians through-out the state. The site is open 24 hours for email. 10 AM until Midnight Sunday through Thursday and From 10-5 Friday and Saturday.
You can also schedule an appointment with anyone of us or any of the tutors through WCONLINE . We will work with you in whatever platform that is most comfortable for you.
IT Student Support-Anything wrong with the student computers. Please call 561.868.3100

Time Management

Time management can be challenging in an online environment especially if you are not in a synchronous environment. At least then you know that you have to log-in, but it still requires an environment where you need to pay attention to your class.  This is where the challenge comes in especially if you have children at home, barking dogs or other competing activities. Here is a list of things that you can do to help manage your time while in-class and out.

  • Let others in your household know that you have a class scheduled and cannot be disturbed.
  • Go to whatever place you have set-up in your household to signal others as well as yourself that you are switching tasks.
  • Ignore any other competing task that may arise. If you do not others may think you have the latitude to interrupt your studies.
  • Be proactive. Look at your assignments ahead of time and ensure that you have what you need-headset, phone, writing tools, etc.
  • Create a daily list of tasks that you need to complete-personal/academic. Cross them  out as you complete them.
  • Get comfortable with Blackboard-explore all the tools and use them until you know what each tool does or know what activity is associated with which area.
  • Build a class relationship. Use the discussion board or GroupMe to work on projects.
  • Ask questions as right now, we are all in that swimming in the same sea of uncertainty.
  • You can use Google Chrome to set an add-on called Stay Focused.
  • This goes without saying: SET A SCHEDULE!

I have included some articles for you to read in the next box.


Time Management

How to Download Microsoft Office/Skype

You will probably have to sign-into your account. Select app and devices on the left hand side. Then click the orange box for Install Office. You may have to confirm a few steps along the way. Then I would strongly suggest that you install Skype so that you can video conference and screen share as well as text chat.