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BUL3130 Legal/Ethical Environment of Business (Education Reform) - Lake Worth - Clayton: Articles

Sample Keywords

When doing academic research vary your keywords (synonyms) to find better results.  You will often combine terms to find more specific results. Try quotes around two words to create a search phrase. Select the Advanced Search function to search for "Education Reform" AND "United States" or other specific searches.

General Overviews of Healthcare Controveries

Articles on a Specific Healthcare Sector

Logging on from Home

Logging on with borrower ID and password/pin

Borrower ID

There are two ways you can log on from home.  The first is to use the barcode and password/pin when you first click on an off campus link.  The barcode is the 24901....... number on the back of your PantherCard.  The password/pin is your two digit month and year of your date of birth (mmyy).  

Logging in using PantherWeb

PantherWeb login

You can also log on by going to PantherWeb and clicking on Library. That will take you to our catalog. There is a link under the search box for Research Guides.