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NCLEX-RN Test Preparation: NCLEX-RN Online Practice

About This Test

The official NCLEX-RN exam is computer adaptive, which means that all test candidates will answer a different number of test questions (items) depending on the candidate’s ability level and the types of items he or she answers correctly and incorrectly. During the allotted six-hour time period, all candidates must answer a minimum of 75 items, and may answer a maximum of 265 items. This PrepSTEP practice exam contains 165 items, which should be completed in a four-hour time period.

The online practice exam will be scored, and you may look at the answer key to read the rationale for both the correct and incorrect choices, as well as the sources of the information. It is recommended that you use the sources to thoroughly review information that you found problematic. The NCLEX-RN exam is graded on a sliding scale based on the difficulty of each particular exam; therefore, we are unable to predict how many correct answers on this practice exam would equate to an actual passing grade on the official exam.