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Library Staff Resources (Lake Worth): Walk In Borrowing & Return Anywhere

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Walk In Borrowing (Reciprocal Borrowing) - ALMA

â–ºFlorida State College & University reciprocal borrowers present their school ID

1. Fulfillment → Manage Patron Services

2. Click the "Find User in other institution" box

3. Choose the patron's institution from the drop down

4. Scan or key in patron barcode or institution ID

5. Patron Found?

  1. Yes - New screen populated with patron information from home library 
    1. Change expiration date to PBSC current semester expiration date
    2. Change User Group to Reciprocal Borrower
    3. Save or Update User [not sure what this function is if patron is found]
  2.  No - Blank user registration form will appear
    1. Authenticate patron through their home library website [?]

6. Access:

  • Book limit: 5
  • Electronic resources access: on-campus only


 SEFLIN One Card Program (Lake Worth Campus Library)



Return Anywhere - Alma

Patrons can return items from any Florida university or college at Palm Beach State College

1. Fulfillment → Return Items

2. Item Owner → Choose item home location

3. Scan barcode

4. Important - Always scan item without choosing a home location first in case the item is a Uborrow loan [?]