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Microbiology Resource Guide: Science Tutorial

Resources selected by faculty and librarians

Assignment Ideas

How is Knowledge Created?  Interview a scientist about their research—ask how they develop a thesis, find new information and communicate the results of their research.   

Popular vs Peer-Reviewed.  Find an article in a newspaper or popular magazine.  Find the original research, i.e. peer reviewed journal article on which the popular article was based.  Evaluate accuracy of the popular article.

Read a Scientific Article.  Explain the purpose of sections of the article:  introduction, methods and analysis. Discuss how the article meets the criteria of primary information source.

Research Proposal.   Identify a world problem to solve.  Conduct a literature review to include in your proposal.

Review Article.   Find a review article on a topic.   Follow the scientific literature and add new developments to update the review article.   

Research Log.  Keep a record of your research strategies, i.e. sources consulted, keywords, and revisions.  Document your results with an analysis of the effectiveness of your research methods.

Science Information Life Cycle Tutorial