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Critical Book Reviews: Find Book Reviews

Short guide to resources and structure of writing a critical book review

Research Strategy

Book reviews may be searched in numerous databases, such as:

  • Jstor
  • Lexis Nexis
  • Academic Search Complete
  • Book Review Digest

To identify a critical book review, Jstor is without exception, focused on the critical review.    Academic Search Complete and Lexis Nexis have search limitors to enable book review searching.  Lexis Nexis searches hundreds of newspapers worldwide with many critical reviews written for major newspapers such as the New York Time, Washington Post and The Guardian

The Library Catalog interface is also useful for locating book reviews, since the all-in-one search permits a limitor for book reviews. 


Gathering Resources

Searching for Specific Journal Titles

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Are you looking for a specific journal title in the College online journal collection?  For example, does the library have an electronic subscription to the Wall Street Journal?

It's easy to find out with Full-text Finder.   Simply enter the title of the journal in the "Find Titles" box. 

You can also search the journal collection for a subject area, for example, all "education" titles.