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Faculty Development

Teaching Online Master Class (FILMS ON DEMAND)

The series Teaching Online Master Class has been added to our Films on Demand collection and the catalog.  The individual video titles and links to the catalog records are listed below.  The series is part of a statewide purchase.


Adapting Your Face to Face Pedagogy for Teaching Online

Adapting Your Teaching Techniques for Online Classes

Best Practice for Teaching Live Online Classes

Case Study, The Universal Design for Learning in Action

Characteristics for Success in Online Learning

Choosing the Right Technology for Online Teaching

Communities of Practice versus Professional Learning Networks

Educator Emotional Well-Being in Online Teaching

Elements of Effective Online Courses

Engaging Communication in Instructional Videos

Enhancing Accessibility with Instructional Video

Essentials for Online Teacher Communication

Facing the Challenge of Inclusivity in Online Teaching

Feedback and Assessment in Online Teaching

Finding Balance When Teaching Goes Online

FrameWorks for Selecting Technology for Online Teaching

Helping Students Find Balance When Learning Goes Online

How is Online Teaching Different?

How to Build a Professional Learning Network

How to Create a Well Structured Instructional Video

How to Create Inclusive Online & Blended Classes

How to Increase the Production Value of Your Instructional Videos

How to keep Students Engaged in Online Classes

How to Make Live Online Classes More Inclusive

How to Use Peer Competition in Your Online Teaching

How to Use Social Presence Cues in Your Online Teaching

How to Use Socratic Circles in Your Online Teaching

How to Use Think-Pair-Share in Your Online Teaching

How to Use Universal Design for Learning to Build Online Learning Activities

How to Use Universal Design for Learning to Design Curriculum

How to Use Universal Design for Learning to Design lessons

Is Online Teaching Effective?

Is Technology Dangerous to Our Mental Health?

Multimedia Cognitive Load Theory for Teachers

Parent - Teacher Strategies for Online Learning

Positive Behavior Management Strategies for Online Teaching

Preparing for Blended Teaching

Preparing for Teaching Classes Online

Preparing Students for Success in Online Teaching and Learning

Segmenting in Online Teaching

Student Collaboration and Group Work Online

Teacher as the Facilitator in Online Teaching

Teacher Online Master Class (Trailer)

The Aging Brain

The Importance of Mindset in Online Teaching

Three Things to Know About Behavior for Blended and Online Learning

Three Tips for Making Online Teaching a Success

Top Tips for Teaching Online & Blended Classes

Using Interactive Video to Improve Student Engagement Online

Using Multimedia and Open Education Resources

Using Retrieval Practice to Improve Online Teaching

Using the Buddy System in Online Teaching

Using Universal Design for Learning Across the Curriculum

Using Video Feedback for Formative Assessment Online

Using Warmer Questions to Increase Student Engagement Online

Visualising Content for Memorable Online Teaching

What is a Community of Practice in Education?

What is the Universal Design for Learning?

What Teachers Need to Know About Cognition