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Special Collections at Palm Beach Gardens LLRC: Florida Collection

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Spotlight on Florida Collection

Weird Florida

Florida is renowned for sun, surf, sand and senior citizens, and is a favourite holiday destination for more than a million Brits each year. But, it is also one of the best places to chart your weirdest travel destinations. This addition to the Weird US series features information about the Sunshine State.

Florida's Ghostly Legends and Haunted Folklore

aunting ancient cemeteries and primitive landmarks as well as modern apartment complexes and highway sides, ghosts and restless spirits abound. This volume of Florida's Ghostly Legends and Haunted Folklore offers a delightful--and somewhat spooky--look into the darker side of the south and central areas of the Sunshine State. Explore fortress ruins in New Smyrna Beach, and keep an eye out for mysterious shadows and dark figures in the nearby forest; visit the island of Islamorada, where the ghostly remains of Flagler's railway rumble over tracks destroyed in the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane; and, if you're especially brave, walk through the eerie corridors of the mausoleum in Myrtle Hill Cemetery near Tampa, where you are sure to hear whispers from the dead or the muffled echoes of a music box. Delve into the unknown with Greg Jenkins as he examines the history, legend, and paranormal rationale behind strange occurrences in many of south and central Florida's haunted locations. Get a fresh look at some of the state's most famous ghost stories and learn never-before-heard tales of the strange and the supernatural as you take a trip through Haunted Florida. The second volume of Florida's Ghostly Legends and Haunted Folklore, covering north Florida and St. Augustine, is also available.

100 orchids for Florida


Here are 100 beautiful orchids that you can grow in Florida.

These orchids were chosen for their beauty, ease of cultivation, and suitability to Florida's climate. Whether you are an old hand at growing orchids or are a beginner anxious to try it, you will find help here choosing the plants that will work for you, as well as help on how best to make them prosper.

First you will learn about the structure of orchids; how they are named; and how to pot, water, feed, ventilate, and protect them from weather and insects. You will find you can grow them inside and outside in Florida, and some even in the ground as part of the landscape. Then you will be introduced to 100 fabulous orchids that are well-suited to Florida. You'll find answers to commonly asked questions, lists of suppliers, and a handy reference chart to plant size, flower color, bloom size, bloom time, and exposure.

Alligators, Sharks & Panthers takes a hard look at the complex and often strained
relationship between mankind and our fellow predators. Worldwide, over one hundred million sharks are killed annually while less than a dozen people are killed by sharks during that same time period. The American alligator was only removed from the endangered species list in 1987 and the Florida panther struggles to survive on an ever more crowded peninsula. In a fascinating twist, this book also takes a sobering look at the future of the world's top predator - Man!


Hidden in the tall grasses and shallow waters of the Florida Everglades are true tales of mysterious deaths, clandestine crime, and disasters, both natural and manmade. Desperados fled here after escaping from prison, rum runners gunned down their enemies, and killers slipped their prey into canals as food for reptilian wildlife. Commercial airlines crashed and burned in the sawgrass, while smaller planes vanished from view. Hurricanes tore through the region, forcing Lake Okeechobee to overrun its banks and wipe out entire towns. And every once in a while, an alligator made someone its lunch. Collected here are some of the most gripping accounts in Everglades history, caused by natural forces, crime, operator error, or human folly.