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Professor Pachter and Professor Crane's SLS Leadership Class: Assignment

By Librarian, Alyse McKeal

Due Dates

Your Leadership Philosophy Paper is due on Wednesday, November 18

Preliminary Work 1: Monday, September 21

Preliminary Work 2: Wednesday, September 30

Preliminary Work 3: Wednesday, October 14

Preliminary Work 4:  Wednesday, October 28

Preliminary Work


Note: All assignments below must be typed. You can work ahead on this assignment, but you must submit and receive feedback on each section before moving on to the next section. Be sure to save each graded preliminary assignment, as all four must be submitted with the final paper.

Leadership Philosophy Paper Preliminary Work: Assignment 1

List the five most important qualities an effective leader should have.

For each of your five qualities, write a short paragraph about why this quality is important in leadership in your own words.


Leadership Philosophy Paper Preliminary Work: Assignment 2

For each of your five qualities, find information on what others think about this quality in leadership.

You must provide at least one source for each quality (three of your five sources must be from our textbook).

Use MLA or APA format when providing your source.


Leadership Philosophy Paper Preliminary Work: Assignment 3

For each of your five qualities, think of or research a leader or situation illustrating its importance in leadership.

You can use examples from your own life, current leaders, historical figures, movies, literature, tv shows, etc.

If you research your example, be sure to include your source for that example, using MLA or APA format.


Leadership Philosophy Paper Preliminary Work: Assignment 4

Pick ONE of your qualities to develop.

How would you synthesize your work done so far on that quality? Incorporate your thoughts (assignment 1), your research (assignment 2), and your example (assignment 3) into coherent paragraphs as they would appear in a paper.

Use MLA or APA in-text citations to document your research in this section.

Final Paper

This assignment explores what it means to be an effective leader.  Through an in-depth analysis of effective leadership qualities, discuss what you believe is required to become a successful leader.  While there is no ‘correct’ answer to what makes an effective leader, writers will support their opinions though quality research, analysis, examples of leaders, situations, etc.   

Specific Criteria for the Assignment:

  • This assignment should be typed, double spaced, and be 1,500 to 2,000 words in length.  Please provide a typed word count on the last page of the document (note: word count does not include name, title page, or works cited page).
  • It is important to have a foundation for your thoughts on leadership. Therefore, you will support your arguments with research: you will include support from at least five sources, with no more than three of those being articles or writings from your textbook.
  • To assist you in your research, please utilize the LibGuide at the following link:
  • You will document your research by using in-text citations (MLA or APA are both acceptable) throughout the paper and by including an MLA works cited page or an APA reference page.
  • Consider the mechanics of your paper.  Spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. all impact your message, so carefully review your document.
  • This assignment is due on Monday, November 26. Attached to your final paper, your four graded preliminary assignments must be included.

We will be working on this paper throughout the term. You will have four smaller preliminary assignments to help you in this process. This preparation for the final paper will count as 10 percent of your final course grade.