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Professor Stoupas Fall 2016 Classes

Steps to Find Your Article

  1. Go to A-Z Databases
  2. Next go to "Databases by Subject," and scroll down to "Social Sciences."  PsycArticles and Social Sciences Full Text are two databases that are very helpful.
  3. Once you are in the database, select "Advanced Search."
  • Enter your search terms and make sure to check off ,"Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals.
  • After you have selected search in the database then change, "Date Newest" to "Relevance," to get the most relevant/on topic articles.


      *You can also select the following database: Gale Academic Onefile

Additional Thoughts for Searching

You will notice that when you start typing search terms like substance or addiction treatment that there will be suggestions offered. You may use those to get ideas to narrow your search.

Check out this encyclopedia!

Suggestions for Searching

Some Sample Searches (there are many more depending upon your interest(s))

NOTE: Feel free to substitute Addiction or Addiction treatment for Substance below.

Substance abuse treatment and psychotherapy


Substance abuse treatment program effectiveness


Substance abuse treatment and alternative treatments


Substance abuse treatment and acupuncture


Substance abuse treatment and cooccuring disorders


Substance abuse and treatment programs


Substance abuse treatment and veterans


Substance abuse treatment and PTSD

*The possibilities for searching are numerous, so these are just some of the examples.