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HSC 2100 Health Concepts and Strategies (Prof. Ciucci): STEP 2 Call to Action



RUBRIC HERE! Call to Action, Critical Thinking, Information Literacry, 10 Sources! =)

What do I do now?

Hi Students! Well, continue developing your awesomeness. STEP II! So, what do you do? Begin by reviewing and revising your Topic, Support, Specific Purpose, and Thesis based upon our discussions, feedback, and your self review. 

1. Now, first thing first, build your 10 sources for reference. Once you have those 10 sources determined, be sure under each source to include one or two valuable statements you may reference or quote in your Talk. This will be in either APA or MLA style. You may use the 3 sources you used for your PART I (Purpose, Topic, Thesis, Support). You may NOT use your Textbook or any of the sources I have provided to you for background information here as part of your 10 sources. If you would like to include those they would be in addition to your ten health sources. Be sure these are focused and tied to your thesis, or they are extraneous and do not belong here. If you do not plan to use this information in your TRACYTalk then it is not a relevant source. 

5 of the 10 sources must be peer reviewed academic journal sources. The remaining 5 sources can be sources of your choice, but in determining whether they are appropriate sources you will review the information literacy rubric in choosing these sources. You must critically evaluate whether it is an appropriate source to use as the basis for your presentation. If the source is faulty, then your presentation will have no merit. None of the sources cited may be your textbook. You may include any sources I have given you on this libguide if you choose, but they would be in addition to your 10 sources. Your original 3 sources submitted with your topic, thesis, purpose submission MAY be included in your ten sources here. Be sure to include all sources you referenced in your formal outline or your original submission of your purpose, topic, support, and thesis statements. 

2. Read the COURSE LEARNING OUTCOMES. Not the assignment outcomes, but rather the course outcomes (INTRODUCTION TAB). Give a brief description of how your topic specifically ties in to TWO of the course outcomes you have chosen. 

3. Develop an incredible call to action to improve HEALTH (either community, global, or personal). In order to do this you must familiarize yourself with your research and make reasonable conclusions based upon this research. In addition you will need to include concepts from the THEORIES AND MODELS tab. There you will find the Health Promotion Model, Monroe's Persuasion Sequence, and info on Ethos, Pathos, Logos. ALL OF THESE CONCEPTS MUST BE INCLUDED IN YOUR FINAL PROJECT. Your call to action may be the place to include the logical parts of these models. You must clearly identify that your call to action is beneficial to the field of health and specific. See the rubric to determine the most important aspects of your call to action being visionary, differentiated, and useful to a current health issue.