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HSC 2100 Health Concepts and Strategies (Prof. Ciucci): Introduction



Hello To My WONDERFUL Students!! Well, you are all about to embark on an incredible journey! You will be taking a topic in health, solving a problem, and developing a wonderful TEDTracy Talk based on your topic. Be patient. Take this one step at a time, and you'll create a wonderful contribution to the health world by marking the internet with your research and presentation to education others. 

This project will directly relate to your learning outcomes for our course. Not only will it reinforce the learning of our stated outcomes, but it will be cross disciplinary and include extensive critical thinking, information literacy, and writing and speaking across the curriculum. 

As you choose your topics I want you to review the outcomes below and determine how your chosen topic fits within our course outcomes. If you can justify your topic within these, then it will be approved. 

Course Learning Outcomes:

1. Understand the implications of individual behavior and lifestyle choices on personal, societal

and global health.

2. Explain how social, psychological and cultural factors support responsible personal health and

lifestyle choices.

3. Apply multidisciplinary concepts related to human relationships, sexuality, substance use,

aging, violence prevention and environmental health to lifelong health promotion.

4. Identify consumer, political, and economic issues influencing health disparities in diverse


5. Examine and critically evaluate risk assessment results to improve outcomes that apply to

fundamental concepts, principles and processes in health.