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Threshold Concepts: Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education: Wikipedia for Academic Research

Resource guide for faculty, librarians, and administrators on the new framework for information literacy for higher educaiton.


Learn how to use Wikipedia as an exploratory tool and where it can appropriately fit in the research process.

Try the tutorial to find out more.

Test yourself with an activity or quiz.

Other Resources

Encyclopedia Britannica (Limited Access)

Funk & Wagnall's New World Encyclopedia (EBSCO) On Campus | Off Campus
Contains over 25,000 records, covering a wide range of topics. Full text and images are available (Must be signed on to Pantherweb to access)

Tutorial: Using Wikipedia for Academic Research


Get background information.  Read articles on the same topic in different encyclopedias, i.e. Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica.  Compare differences and similarities in content and emphasis.

Develop vocabulary to use in search statements.  Read an article in Wikipedia related to your topic.  Create a list keywords and synonyms, organizations, and people to use in your search statement.