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Barn Owl Project: Barn Owl Project

This libguide provides resources on owls and serves to bring awareness to the "Barn Owl Project" at Palm Beach State College's Belle Glade campus.

Barn Owl Project

Dr. Vetaley Stashenko, in cooperation with the office of the Provost and the Dean of Student Services, initiated the “Barn Owl Project" with aim to provide opportunities to the college and the community for close interaction and study of natural phenomena’s and effect of human activities on the environment.

During 2012, we designed, constructed and setup two nesting owl boxes on the grounds of the Belle Glade campus of Palm Beach State College. During the first breeding season, the boxes have successfully attracted owls, and several owlets have hatched. From the beginning, the owls have provided service by significantly reducing the rodent population on campus and have given the Biology, Microbiology and Environmental Conservation students an opportunity to study the full cycle of events inside the breeding nest. All of this has been possible to achieve worldwide and year round because of the implementation of the latest technology. The security staff and the neighborhood also appreciate the nightly owl serenades.

(Source: Palm Beach State College, Owl Information and Live Stream)